Does Cybercrime Differ from Physical Crime?

Today’s post is a bit different than my previous posts. The idea is to engender discussions within teams or other groups. Below I present a scenario and some questions about it. The scenario focuses on the week 3 topic (Cybercrime) of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Imagine a small town or village: a place with […]
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How Does Power BI Fit Into My Business Intelligence Plans?

Things change pretty fast in the business intelligence arena. Terms can change pretty fast, too. A little more than a year ago, many people used the phrase “Power BI” to refer to Excel Add-Ins of particular interest in BI, notably Power Pivot and Power Query. Now, the same phrase refers to a distinct and separate […]
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Why Personas and Scenarios Matter in User Experience Design

Why does user experience design depend on understanding users and their scenarios? Because it’s just like buying a house. Every once in a while, I’ll be working with a client on a UI design and they’ll get tired of me badgering them with questions about the application’s users, goals, mental models, and scenarios. It’s easy […]
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What Does the IANA Transition Mean for Us?

When I first worked with TCP/IP and the ARPAnet, there was no DNS. When one wanted to connect to a computer by name, the system looked in a table called “HOSTS.TXT” to find the IP address corresponding to the name. The growing file had to be downloaded every few days from a “nearby” host that […]
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To SQL Server Certify ,or Not Certify that is the Question?

Please excuse my paraphrasing of a quote from Hamlet. I spent last week in Shakespeare’s county, Warwickshire in the UK. I was teaching an onsite course for a Learning Tree client. The course I was teaching was 534 Developing SQL Queries for SQL Server. I like to rank courses the courses I teach in terms […]
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