What Your Body is Saying: Essential Insights About Non-verbal Communication

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” Peter F. Drucker Understanding your body language and other physical cues is very important when you are presenting material in front of an audience. Your non-verbal communication skills may be more important than your verbal skills. Combined they make up the complete communication package […]
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Building a Presentation People will Pay Attention To: Delivering Content

Getting your audience’s attention is just the first step in making a compelling presentation: You must design your presentation so that you keep reassuring your audience that you know what matters to them and will deliver real value to them. If your audience could tell you what they’re thinking then, much of the time, it […]
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Building a Presentation People will Pay Attention To: Getting Started

Knowing what your audience will find valuable is only the start of getting their attention. But you need to convert that into the first two slides in your presentation if you want to get your audience to care. Getting a dog’s attention is easy: Hold up a treat (or, for my Great Dane, a squeaky […]
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Technical Writing

Do you and your team members have problems writing these types of documents? Product specifications and descriptions Operating procedures End-user documentation Definitions of terms White papers Portions of Proposals Recommendations Feasibility studies Documents that explain “how or why” “Yes?” . . . then the answer to all of your problems is: “Produce less and have […]
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How to be Interesting

If you want to be an effective communicator you need to get your audience to pay attention—if you don’t succeed at that there are, at least, four different communication disasters waiting for you. Fortunately, being interesting isn’t hard to do. In an earlier post I talked about how an effective document is one that gets read; […]
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