How Classical Writings Relate to Project Leadership Today

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” George Santayana (1863-1952)  In this blog, I will trace classical writings on leadership and adapt their meanings to help understand contemporary project management/leadership issues. Why Study the Classical Literature of Leadership? The framework of modern project leadership practice originates in the classical writings […]
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How to Use Root Cause Analysis (Ask “Why?” Five Times)

Introduction Oftentimes, what appears to be “the” problem is really a symptom of a deeper problem.  As project leaders we often jump to solutions before fully exploring the root cause of the problem.  Fixing a symptom is just a band aid and doesn’t address the root cause(s). If we want to truly fix “the” problem, […]
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Project Leadership: The Context in Which We Make Decisions

Made any tough decsions lately? Project leaders make decisions in real time with limited information or information overload and ever-changing constraints. In order to make effective decisions, the project leader must understand the backdrop or the context within which she is making decisions —   What is the purpose of your project? —  Why does it exist? —   What services, products, […]
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Project Leadership: Facilitating Decision-Making in Teams

In today’s complex world of shortened lifecycles, complex technology, and ever-increasing customer demands, we need special skills and tools to work effectively with larger project teams. What are the benefits of working with a team? What kinds of issues, problems, or challenges is a team particularly good at dealing with? Overcome the Barriers to Team Effectiveness […]
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Decision-Making for Project Leaders

By plugging accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis results into Peter F. Drucker’s framework for decisions, project leaders can increase their chances of success. The late Drucker was one of the world’s most well-known management gurus. In his book The Effective Executive, Drucker outlined the elements of an effective decision-making process. Drucker’s Decision Making Process By […]
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