Why You’ll Never Know When You’re Working with a Great UI

You’ve probably never noticed the really great UIs you’ve worked with or the fabulous UXs they were part of. Why? Because the only reason you’d notice a UI is when something has gone horribly wrong. In fact, you’re already working with a bunch of really great UIs that do your bidding without you doing anything, let alone […]
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3 Criteria for Successful Feedback in Your UI

Feedback must be FUN. Without FUN, you might as well not have any feedback at all. About two weeks ago, a group of five adults, all highly intelligent, well-educated people with years of experience in working with software were completely baffled by a user interface. I know because I was one of those people. We were […]
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Why Personas and Scenarios Matter in User Experience Design

Why does user experience design depend on understanding users and their scenarios? Because it’s just like buying a house. Every once in a while, I’ll be working with a client on a UI design and they’ll get tired of me badgering them with questions about the application’s users, goals, mental models, and scenarios. It’s easy […]
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What Can Your Life Teach You About UX Design?

So I’m in a hotel (again) and, the first morning that I’m there, I stagger into the shower to sluice off the grime of a couple of days of traveling. The shower’s faucet is a single flat handle like the diagram on the left (but without the arrows — I added them for reasons that will become clear in […]
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Who Should You Design For? Picking the Right Personas

There are far more users for your application than you can possibly design for.  Alan Cooper has some advice on how to pick the ones that will let you deliver the right UX for everyone. Most applications will have a wide variety of users. In UX design, we assume that we can group those users into groups […]
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