How IT Organizations Can Build Transparency

The solution to the major challenges facing IT organizations is addressed by establishing transparent communications between you and your stakeholders. Here’s how you can do that, starting with your own team. In an earlier blog post (What Pokémon GO Can Tell You About IT Management’s Three Major Challenges), I discussed two major challenges that IT […]
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Two Steps to Emails That Get Read

When you go to write your next email, start by realizing that your recipient probably doesn’t want to read your email at all. Fortunately, you can use that your advantage. Back when I had a job, I mentioned to my boss that I rewrote my emails two or three times before I sent them to him. […]
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The High Cost of Poor Project Communications Management

Organizations waste US$122 million for every US$1 billion invested due to poor project performance — a 12 percent increase over last year! In the context of organizational project and program management, communications is a core competency that, when properly executed, connects every member of a project team to a common set of strategies, goals and […]
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Creating Effective Stakeholder Engagement

This blog investigates one of the most important areas of Business Analysis and Project Management efforts, which is working with stakeholders in multidimensional capacities throughout projects. Since stakeholder analysis activities are ongoing throughout the project, we need to focus on techniques that ensure the information provided by stakeholders is evaluated against the project’s defined business […]
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Personal Values in Project Leadership

Project team members constantly seek personal value in their work. Your challenge: Learn what they value as part of their self-interest. For someone to do something for you, they will want to know what’s in it for them. They will assess the perceived value of what’s being offered. We also have to be careful in […]
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