Using an End Project Checklist

Seems like I am often unhappy with how much time I am able to spend on project or project phase closure work. In theory, it all sounds so straightforward to tie a nice bow around a completed project and its end result. In practice, it is a crazy time where my team members are departing for greener pastures and I am trying to get everything done before I move on to my next effort. The end of project phases is a bit less hectic, but it can involve re-planning, new resource acquisition and any number of “phase transition” challenges that make it difficult to move to the next chunk of project work.

Here is a checklist I have developed to help me with the end of a project or project phase. I use it as guidance for the minimum set of activities required when closing a project or a specific project phase.

  • Are all project deliverables complete?
  • Are all lessons learned for the project or phase logged and reported on?
  • Is the end project report complete and reviewed?
  • Has the customer accepted all project results and other associated deliverables?
  • Have all costs been appropriately charged to the project?
  • Are all work packages and work orders complete?
  • Do any incomplete work packages exist? If so, are those incomplete work packages documented?
  • Are all administrative closure activities done?
  • Is the project management plan archived with supporting data?
  • Are stakeholders aware that the project or phase is ending?
  • Are auditing, support, and maintenance procedures in place?
  • Are project team members reassigned/pending reassignment/coming on board?

Hopefully this gives you a good starting point for ending a project or transition from one project phase to another. Let me know if you have any good items to add to my basic list!

Susan Weese

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