3 Ways ITIL Practitioners Can Enhance ITIL in Your Organization

digits-705666_640Focus on Core Areas in the Implementation

ITIL practitioners will be equipped on focusing on a number of core areas to assist in the implementation of best practice. The core areas include the CSI approach, Guiding Principles, and Critical Competencies. For those new to the ITIL practitioner arena you will be raising your eyebrows as to, what are the guiding principles and critical competencies? The guiding principles are used to guide decisions and actions when adopting best practice. The critical competencies that are essential in the implementation of communication, metrics and measurements, and organizational change management.

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Adopt and Adapt

ITIL is not supposed to be seen as an instruction manual and the ITIL Practitioner qualification echoes this throughout the course. As students begin to review the practitioner guidance and attend a certified course, they will quickly see that the implementation of ITIL is not so much based on the ‘what’ but also the ‘why’ within their organization.

ITIL Practitioners will provide value to the organization as they will apply the ‘adopt and adapt’ principle in the implementation. They will seek to adopt a service and customer focused culture with a real commitment to change according to best practice. They will apply reasoning as to the purpose of the best practice guidance and its value to the organization. Then they will take those suggested best practices and adapt those practices to the circumstances, culture and business needs of the organization.

Knowledge vs. Application

Students, have often been criticized after attending ITIL training sessions that they have walked away with an exam certificate, knowledge on the subject matter, and memories of what hopefully was a valuable training session. However, the one key ingredient that is missing is the practical ability / hands-on implementation experience after the course to put that knowledge into good use within their organization. ITIL Practitioners have this skill finally! The ITIL practitioner course will provide highly interactive and activity-driven learning experiences, incorporating case studies and real world scenarios. Therefore the ITIL practitioners will gain the key skills from the course as well having a core publication that they can take away to use after the course in their journey of best practice.

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