ITSM in the Real World: Why the ITIL Practitioner Qualification is Needed?


Since the start of the discussion about a potential new ITIL practitioner qualification, I have had a mixture of responses from students and clients that I actively consult with. The concern was primarily based on ITIL always being non-prescriptive and that we already had so many qualifications.

Where would this fit in the ITIL qualification scheme? Is this the end of the other qualifications? Are there many more new qualifications to come? Is this the first step towards ITIL V4? I could start to understand the anxiety and cold sweat within the ITIL community I work closely within.

Many months since the start of the discussion of the new qualification, the main news arrived that the publication was ready and the accompanied syllabus to kick start a new era for ITIL. The new qualification answered all the questions that were waiting on the table since the start of its development. I now hold up the flag and support this qualification as I see the need and the benefits.

So why do we need this qualification?

  • ITIL Practitioner comprises key skills for how to start adopting and adapting ITIL within the organization
  • The qualification aims to demonstrate that students are equipped with the most essential skills to apply ITIL best practice within their organization – once leaving a course
  • In the true spirit of continual service improvement, the new ITIL Practitioner qualification and the accompanying guidance is a response to practitioners’ requests for additional, practical elements to complement the existing ITIL guidance
  • Provide strong confidence to management and leadership that members of the team that have completed the qualification are ready to tackle and carry out the relevant improvement initiatives
  • Provide a toolkit to students to take away from the course that can prove to be a valuable source when battling away in the journey to reach ITIL best practice within the organization
  • Act as a complimentary and enhancing qualification to all other ITIL qualifications after the ITIL foundation has been successfully achieved. While the ITIL Foundation qualification confirms a high level understanding of what IT best practice is and introduces all the relevant basic concepts, the ‘how’ is addressed only very briefly

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