The Importance of Storytelling in Technical Training

I started teaching technical courses over thirty years ago. At that time, I’d taught similar topics in a university setting and I enjoyed it then as I do now. But I was frustrated by one item on the course evaluations: “Contribution of personal experience.” The scores on that metric didn’t seem to reflect what I […]
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Upskilling for Administrative Professionals

In today’s competitive job market, it is important to continuously improve and expand your skillset to not only keep up with current technologies, but to set yourself apart from the pack as well. But what skill do you choose to learn? What training is right for you? When building a professional development path for yourself, […]
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Managing a Data Leak in your Business

Even if we look past industry figures on frequency of cyber attacks, it is reasonably evident that cyber attacks are increasingly causing significant disruption and damage to businesses brand and reputation. Consequently, instead of asking “Is my business secure?” business executives must pose the question is, “Is my business prepared to timely detect and swiftly […]
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How Social Media Posts Can Lead to Identity Theft

Scrolling through Facebook the other day I saw meme “Comment below if you remember your childhood phone number.” I honestly don’t remember whether or not I answered, but I shouldn’t have if I did. When I teach Learning Tree’s System and Network Security Introduction, I talk about the idea of “information leakage”. That is where […]
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Quick Guide to SQL Server Data Types

Like supporting actors and actresses who never enjoy the spotlight, data types in SQL Server play critical roles and yet rarely receive attention. In fact, selecting the best data types for columns is one of the most important decisions during SQL Server table design. For that reason, let’s take a few moments to review some […]
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