Amazon Announces Oracle Relational Database Service

In a recent post, I commented on how tend to announce new Cloud Computing products and services early whereas Amazon announce when the services are ready. Well today Amazon announced an Oracle Relational Database Service (RDS) that will not be available until quarter two 2011!  The reason given for the early announcement is that it will allow organisations to plan ahead to adopt the service.

So what does the Oracle RDS offer?  The current Amazon RDS enables instances of MySQL to be provisioned and scaled with all low-level administrative requirements such as backups, updates, patches handled automatically by the service. Part of the configuration of the RDS is an availability for updates time window which enables Amazon to undertake maintenance on your behalf.

The new announcement from Amazon will provide the same facilities as the MySQL RDS but based around the Oracle database. An extra feature will be the ‘bring your own licences’ facility, for those organisations who have already purchased Oracle but want to use Amazon to host and manage the low-level administration of the database(s). For those concerned about support, this will be provided by both Amazon and Oracle.

For organisations who wish to use a Cloud hosted database, the choice is incredibly wide with Amazons RDS offering MySQL and Oracle, Microsoft Azure offering SQL Sever Azure and offering If you would like to find out more about these and how they compare why not consider attending the Learning tree Cloud Computing course.


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