Amazon Announces Trusted Advisor

When considering using cloud computing services, one of the major factors is the level of support that can be provided by the cloud vendor. In particular, when using Infrastructure as a Service, it is vital to ensure that cloud resources are not only appropriately secured but are also running at their most cost effective. Who better to provide this information than the cloud provider.

In the case of Amazon Web Services, where the range of services is so wide (consider storage: SimpleDB, Simple Storage Service, Relational Data Service, Elastic Block Storage, DynamoDb) with many alternatives, it is not always easy to make the correct choice. When buying infrastructure, the purchase model is no longer straightforward either, with options for on-demand, reserved and spot instances. When deploying high availability systems, instances are typically spread across availability zones. Are these balanced and evenly distributed ?

To help better support deployed systems making use of Amazon infrastructure, Amazon have today announced AWS Trusted Advisor. This service, which uses the experience of supporting hundreds of thousands of Amazon customers, will inspect a customer’s AWS environment and, if appropriate, will make recommendations on improving security, performance and cost reduction. All of this is automated and makes use of a large knowledge base built up by Amazon over the last few years.

The Trusted Advisor is an example of the way in which Amazon continues to innovate in providing services that not only provide great new functionality, but also in the monitoring and control of these services. If you would like to know more about Amazon Web Services and how they can benefit your organisation, consider attending Learning Tree’s comprehensive course, Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services™, in which you’ll learn from an expert instructor about the major services and how they can be integrated to form a coherent scalable reliable infrastructure.

Chris Czarnecki

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