Amazon AWS Support Services

The increasing competition between Cloud Computing vendors has lead Amazon to increase the level of support contracts available as well as reduce the price of existing offerings. As more vendors offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), as an example consider the announcements from RackSpace which adds their ‘fanatical support’ promise to their cloud offerings which start from 1p/hour, Amazon have announced new levels of support.

Previously Amazon offered Silver and Gold levels of support, these still exist, just their pricing has been lowered. So what are the levels of support contract available from Amazon AWS ?

  • Basic Support is free for any AWS user and provides access to a resource centre, product FAQ’s and Discussion Forums.
  • Bronze Support costs $49/month and provides a maximum guaranteed response time of 12 hours.
  • Silver Support costs the greater of $100/month or 5% of AWS monthly usage and provides a maximum guaranteed response time of 4 hours.
  • Gold Support costs the greater of $400 per month or 10% of monthly AWS usage for 0-$10K, 7% of monthly AWS usage from $10-80K and 5% of monthly usage for $80K+.
  • Platinum Support costs the greater of $15K or 10% of AWS monthly usage.

Both Gold and platinum support provide 24/7/365 access to support with maximum response times of 60 and 15 minutes respectively. Full details of these plans can be found here.

When teaching Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing course, one of the major concerns/perceived risks of adopting IaaS attendees raise is the level of service that can be expected. Amazon, in response to improving their service in the face of competition have increased the level of their support service contracts as well as lowered the pricing of existing service levels. This can only be good for everybody using or considering using Cloud Computing. If you would like to know how Amazon AWS could benefit your organisation, why not consider attending the Learning Tree Cloud Computing course.


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