Amazon Launches Email Service

This week has seen the launch of Amazon’s Simple E-mail Service (SES). This has received a mixed reception. From companies who wish to undertake cost effective electronic marketing, the service has been welcomed. Providers of email sending services have claimed it cannot work effectively.

The Amazon SES provides a clean solution that enables organisations to undertake sophisticated e-mail marketing without having to address the complexities that exist with bulk e-mailing today. For an organisation, these complexities include maintaining a sophisticated e-mail infrastructure, making sure bulk emails are not treated as spam and therefore blocked or blacklisted by Internet Service Providers (ISP), monitoring e-mail delivery rates, just to mention a few. All of this and more is taken care of by SES, which provides 2000 free emails per day and then charges at a rate of $0.10 per thousand emails sent. E-mails must be sent from Amazon EC2 or Elastic Beanstalk. SES enables clients, through a simple API call to communicate with customers in a reliable cost effective way. Content filtering services are provided to ensure content meets ISP standards.

Many companies who provide high volume e-mail systems have criticised SES saying that the bulk e-mail business is very complicated and a general solution like Amazon’s approach will not work, with many campaigns likely to be rejected by the fixed rules Amazon has applied to SES. The comments I have read really do appear to be those of desperate organisations whose core business, and a lot of the ‘magic’ they perform has just been disrupted and opened up. One result of the Amazon SES launch for sure is that the price for email marketing is now heading in a southern direction. Further, if Amazon’s record to date with Cloud Computing is a guide, their service will work effectively, both technically and financially. Amazon has an impressive record of disrupting business models and industries, and I believe they have just added the next to a long list of success stories.

If you would like to know more about Amazon EC2 and their approach to Cloud Computing including the services they provide and how they compare with other providers such as Google and Microsoft, why not consider attending Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing course.


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