Apple iOS 5 Improves Cloud Acess

With the announcement of iOS 5 Apple has defined the next level in consumer access to Cloud Computing. Access to music and photos on devices such as iPads will no longer require a home computer. These will be available for download and synchronising across multiple devices via a wireless link and information stored in iCloud. Whilst relatively simple to achieve technically, the convenience, ease of use and safe storage of this consumer data all undertaken by Apple leads to a superb user experience that, to use Facebooks term is ‘frictionless’.

The really exciting developments in iOS will lead to many new applications that make access to information easier. Terms such as ‘deliver a newspaper’ will take on a new meaning with the launch of the Newsstand application. This will enable newspaper and magazine publishers to deliver directly to an iPad the moment they are available. Not only does this provide immediate access to new content but the content will be media rich with audio, video and web links.

The developments with iOS 5 make use of cloud computing to provide a superior user experience, that is simpler to use yet richer in functionality and robustness. Most consumers will be unaware that they are using cloud computing. Implemented and deployed in the correct way, cloud computing can provide the same benefits to business. That’s what I really enjoy about teaching Learning Tree’s cloud computing course which details all that cloud computing can offer and how to apply it to organisations of different sizes. Details can be found here.

Chris Czarnecki

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