SQL Server 2014 New Features: How to Create a Hekaton In-Memory-Optimized Table

Practice: How to Create a Hekaton Memory-Optimized Table In this installment, we will step through the actual process of creating an in-memory table for an SQL Server database. As mentioned in the Hekaton overview, in-memory tables are streamed into RAM when SQL Server starts up. We must therefore first create a special FILESTREAM filegroup for […]
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SQL Server 2014 New Features: Hekaton In-Memory Optimization & the Theory of Hash Indexes

Theory: What are Hash Indexes In contrast with conventional disk-based tables, in memory tables possess neither row IDs nor clustering keys to help SQL Server find a row. In-memory tables are therefore required to have at least one index. In this installment we shall look at the details of the hash index. As we shall […]
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How to Solve Linear Equations in Excel

How to Solve Linear Equations in Excel Using the MINVERSE and MMULT Functions Systems of linear equations pop up everywhere you look. Small retail shops want to maximize the profit from the distribution of goods taking up limited shelf space. Chemists need to balance constituents of a complex reaction. Economists are compelled to build models; […]
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SQL Server 2014 New Features: Hekaton In-Memory Optimization

What a Hekaton In-Memory-Optimized Table Is and Is Not By now, most SQL Server jocks and jockesses have heard that the “heka” in “hekaton” is the Greek word for 100 and refers to the potential, if perhaps elusive, 100-fold performance improvement using Hekaton in-memory tables for transaction processing in SQL Server 2014. Whether intended or […]
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Using OPENROWSET to Read Excel Worksheets from SQL Server: Part 2 – How to Define and Query a Linked Server

In my last post we looked at how to set up the system to use OPENROWSET to read Excel Worksheets from SQL Server. I believe that using the OPENROWSET function is the most flexible and practical method for linking Excel worksheets to SQL Server. Before we look at OPENROWSET, however, let’s take a moment to review […]
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