Projects: Seven Key Steps for Risk Management

Step one – create a risk management approach Project teams often do risk management in a haphazard way, inconsistently using tools and techniques throughout the initiative. To avoid this situation, project managers should create a risk management approach at the outset. This approach would outline how risks would be identified, evaluated and mitigated throughout the […]
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Seven Common Misconceptions about Agile Project Management

Agile project management is a powerful approach to managing projects. It can help produce quality products in a quick, efficient manner. However persuading people to be “agile” usually involves overcoming a number of common misconceptions. “We don’t need to plan on agile projects.” Yes you do! Coordinating work so that it can finish within short […]
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Playing Cards at Work: Planning Poker Estimating

Poor estimating is one of the key reasons so many projects run over budget and behind schedule. There are many reasons for poor estimating practices. For example project teams aren’t allowed the time to investigate the upcoming work or senior management imposes infeasible deadlines. But one overriding problem is that project teams have a lack […]
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