Windows Azure: Cloud Computing for .NET Programmers

What is Windows Azure Cloud computing is the hottest new technology in IT. Microsoft’s platform for implementing cloud-computing is called Windows Azure. With Windows Azure you rent servers and storage for a low monthly fee. Under the hood, Windows Azure provides virtual machines running Windows 2008 server and Internet Information Services. You can specify how […]
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Lambda Expressions in C#

Next week I’m teaching Learning Tree course 2620: .NET 4 Programming for Existing .NET Developers. Maybe the hardest part of that course to understand is lambda expressions. Hopefully, this post will help explain them. Getting Started with Lambda Expressions Let’s say you have the simple class shown below. class Calculator { public static double Add(double […]
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Parallel Computing in .NET 4

Almost all computers today have multiple CPU cores. .NET 4 allows you to easily take advantage of all that computing power, very easily.  One way is to use the Parallel class, which is included in the System.Threading.Tasks namespace. Let’s take a look at an example.  In the method below, all that happens is a number […]
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Why Every ASP.NET Developer Should Know Windows Azure

Windows Azure for Testing A Web application must be tested before deploying it to the Internet. To do this effectively, you need a test server. With Windows Azure, you can have an ASP.NET test server, on the Internet, for free. Go to this link to sign up for your free trial, Admittedly, it’s not […]
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First European Run of the Windows Azure Class

Last week I taught the first European run of Learning Tree course 2602: Windows Azure Platform Introduction in Stockholm Sweden. There were some interesting things that came out of that course. All the students were experienced .NET programmers, but none of them were actually working on a project that used Windows Azure. Rather, they were […]
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