Perfecting the art of SLAs: Interfaces

There is alignment between the interfaces and the challenges faced (discussed on the previous blog) when creating and managing SLAs. On the previous blog we mentioned getting support teams to put pen to paper to confirm roles and responsibilities. To achieve this we need to work with them, as they could be faced with certain […]
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Perfecting the art of SLAs: Challenges

On the previous blog we went through a brief introduction in creating SLAs and looked through some areas to taken into consideration when drafting and signing off SLAs. I will now go through some of the key challenges that you will be faced with during this stage. Current resources and capabilities – during the negotiation […]
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Perfecting the art of SLAs

On the next series of blogs, I’ll be reviewing the areas that need to be taken into consideration when perfecting the art of service level agreements (SLAs). Service Level Management (SLM) is the process responsible for the management of SLAs. The process falls within service design of the ITIL® lifecycle. However, the SLAs will have […]
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Tips for ITIL® Intermediate Lifecycle and Capability Courses – Part II

In my previous blog post I discussed what students need to do before taking the ITIL® intermediate and capability courses. In this post I’ll focus on tips you can utilise during and after the exam. During the course: A lifecycle course will be three days as opposed to a capability course which is five days, […]
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Tips for ITIL® Intermediate Lifecycle and Capability Courses – Part I

Before the course: You will receive pre-requisite material before the course starts. It’s important that we find time to go through this but as I’ve mentioned before, some students will find it hard to make time. So it’s crucial to at least get the basics right, which may not include going through the intermediate course […]
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