Global Sustainability Impacts on Project Management

As I review sustainability awareness around the world, I continue to find more and more literature supporting this new venture for organizations. The immense growth of our corporations and its negative impact on sustainability continues to drive my research and consulting therein. Developing new initiatives and projects on sustainability is a great way for your […]
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Happy Planet Index and How it Impacts Your Organization

I recently reviewed a source, The Happy Planet Index, that measures the ecological efficiency around the world. This index shows the efficiency of nations and how they convert natural resources to result in long, happy lives for the people living in them. This gauging system demonstrates how different nations try to achieve a balance using […]
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The New Industrial Revolution

A foundational book on sustainability that you should add to your library is Natural Capitalism. It describes how the economy is reliant on our natural resources and how our current industrial capitalism does not consider the impact of natural resources within the accounting of our capital. This book presents the idea of natural capitalism and […]
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The Positive Business Impacts of Sustainability

Everyone seems interested in sustainability these days, from big-box retailers to city governments, colleges and universities. I am also a believer in sustainability and particularly in sustainability as a new knowledge area for project managers. As the world continues to pursue conservation and environmental projects to protect our planet, businesses and their projects are now […]
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Managing Stakeholders that Don’t Have a Voice

Stakeholder management is always performed within the context of the organizational environment. The project management community exists within this context. There is always an organizational power structure within and without the project management community, and no matter how flat an organization is, it still tends to be top down within the project world. With that […]
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