EVM in the Real World – Part II

In my last blog I discussed challenges to using earned value management tools to track progress on projects. In particular, I suggested that some of the challenges are posed by things like the number of tasks, and the number of people. The number of tasks and consequent number of people has a direct impact on […]
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Using Earned Value Management in the Real World

Project management seems to lack some effective tools for earned value management. I want to know, how many project managers use the typical earned value management tools offered in the PMBOK? Whenever I ask this question, the unanimous response is that 90% of my students and clients either use none of the offered formulas, or […]
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New Years’ Resolutions

Over the holidays I made some New Years resolutions of the things I wanted to accomplish this year. If you haven’t done this yet, I have some recommendations for you: Read “The Seven Arts of Change” by David Shaner. If you’re looking for a good read dealing with change management with a fresh perspective, this […]
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Effective Risk Response Plans

Effective Risk Response Plans In my last blog I discussed the three essential layers to a strong project management environment that lend to better communication and higher levels of collaboration, problem solving and ingenuity. This is the perfect environment for open discussions of risk and ambiguity in project scope and the establishment of realistic measures […]
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Illusory Measures – Part II

In my last blog I claimed that there is an epidemic of bad measures being applied within project management and that there must be a better way. As a proposed solution, I suggested building a “risk culture.” In a true risk culture it’s acceptable to call “unknowns” “unknown.” In fact, one of the main goals […]
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