Android Content of Providers

Android provides a neat way of sharing data between applications: Content Providers. System data sources such as the address book, the SMS database and calendar are all exposed via Content of Providers and any application may publish a Content Provider. The great benefit of Content Providers is that they provide a consistent mechanism for publishing […]
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Property Animation

What a very clever idea! Android API V11 (Honeycomb) introduced a new technique for animation which (until now) I had pretty much ignored. The new mechanism based on android.animation.Animator allows the creation of very powerful animations with minimal effort. The basic ideas of property animation have been in use in many areas for some time. […]
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The Android Virtual Device: Performance Issues

One of the best things about the Android development platform is the superb emulator or Android Virtual Device (AVD). One of the worst things about the Android development platform is… Yes, you guessed, it’s the AVD. The Android AVD is a great idea, it provides real device emulation which allows you to run the actual […]
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Android Emulator: Tips and Tweaks

Following on from my recent post on AVD performance issues, it seemed a good time to share one or two other practical tips and tricks about working with the AVD. When testing, I really do not want to have to click on the on-screen keyboard to enter text. Unfortunately, with the latest Android Developer Tools […]
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Android Application Widgets

Home-screen widgets on Android are one of the features that really makes the platform stand out from the crowd. The ability to have dynamically updated information directly available to the user without starting an application is a truly great feature. It’s one of those things that I keep expecting Apple to add to their platform […]
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