Managing the Up and Back Stacks in Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean is here, so I thought it appropriate to examine some of the new features. If you are lucky enough to be working with apps targeted on Honeycomb or above, you have probably noticed that the back button has been supplemented by a new button called ‘Up’. What you may not have figured out, […]
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Exploring Near Field Communication (NFC)

The Android world is abuzz with NFC! It’s been quietly supported since the Gingerbread release but seems to have come alive now that ICS (Android 4.x) is finally being shipped on new devices. So what is NFC and what is it for? NFC is as I’m sure you know, an acronym for Near Field Communication. […]
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Thoughts on iOS Development from an Android Developer’s Perspective

A question which I am often asked is how Android development compares with developing for the iPhone/iPad. The two platforms are indeed very different in the approach they take, with a consequent variation in the developer challenges. In this post, I will explore just a few of the issues. I should start by making it […]
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Creating Consistency with Android Styles

When first developing an Android application, nearly everyone ends up with a rather dull looking application with a black background and white text. Whilst this is great as proof of concept, it’s not going to keep the guys from marketing happy! A quick look at the apps on Google Play shows that there must be […]
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Security and Mobile Devices

My recent work has lead me to consider the security (or is that lack of security?) associated with mobile devices. One of the things which lead to the early success of the Blackberry was without doubt that it was designed to interface to an enterprise infrastructure in a secure and controlled way. Unfortunately for those […]
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