Do You See Classroom Training in the Future?

Where and how will you take your next class? Will it be in a traditional classroom? In a classroom with seats spaced far apart? Online? By watching recorded videos? In a highly-interactive game-like environment? In a one-on-one coaching or mentoring setting? Have you even thought about it? Like it or not, the training landscape is […]
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Browsers Will Soon No Longer Accept Older Certificates

Digital certificates are the mechanism used to convey the public keys and identities of algorithms essential to authenticating sites on the Internet. Since sites have changed to using TLS (identified with https: in the URL), every one of them needs a certificate. A change to the use of those certificates is in process and impacts […]
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Company Computers At Home as Reverse BYOD

For decades cyber security professionals have been addressing the issues of employees bringing their own devices to work. Called BYOD for “Bring Your Own Device”, IT departments have dealt with employee phones, tablets, and laptops. When an employee brings a device to a workplace there are many potential issues. For instance, does that device have […]
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Is Your Printer Endangering Your Network?

In early June reported that they are finding roughly 80,000 unfirewalled printers on the internet each day. That means that these printers are unprotected and that bad actors on the ‘net can discover multiple characteristics about the printers. According to the report, some of the information they discovered from the exposed printers was, “printer […]
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There Is Another Flaw In Computer Processor Chips

Cnet reported in early March of this year that a flaw had been discovered in the ROM (Read-Only Memory) of many of Intel’s processor chips. The issue was announced in May of 2019 but updated in March. Many users have asked me how a processor could have errors in its functions. Processors have had errors […]
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