Vote Early, Vote Often

As I write this today is election day in the US. For reasons that may seem absurd to those non-US folks reading this, we have multiple types of voting machines here. Some places use electronic touch screens, some have paper ballots where voters fill in bubbles or complete an arrow with a pencil. Those paper […]
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Learning it right from the start – part 1

I took my first computer programming class in 1973. It involved making pencil marks on Hollerith cards to create statements in BASIC. That led me to take a programming class the next school year. That class was an introduction to programming in FORTRAN. I was a high school junior and while I loved the class, […]
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Back up and encrypt

A little over thirty years ago I managed a small mini-computer. We had half a dozen dumb terminals (ADM 3a’s to be specific), a printing terminal and a couple other CRT devices. The total disk storage varied at times from five to seven megabytes. We backed up on 9-track magnetic tape. The tape drive we […]
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Spring Cleaning in September

Last week I cleaned up my office. I replaced my desk, took out a work table and threw out a lot of junk that had built up over the last couple decades. I’m not sure why I did it last week, but that’s the way it goes. One thing I did was to purge some […]
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They’ve Got My Back

My wife got a call at 8am the other morning. It was American Express letting her know that someone was using her credit card. It seems they made a purchase at 3am and two others right after that. Since my wife doesn’t generally do that with her business AmEx, their software let them know that […]
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