Backup To The Cloud To Move Ahead

As organisations build up more and more data as part of their daily operations, the management security and integrity of this continually increasing volume of data becomes more and more important to the successful operation of the data. For small to mid-size organisations, faced with tighter budgets and fewer resources, effective backup and disaster recovery systems are difficult to implement. The amount of time IT staff allocate to these tasks means that other tasks that can improve the business are often unaddressed.

To address these problems for small to mid-size organisations, IBM have announced cloud-based backup which has been designed to reduce organisation risk to disaster whilst being more cost effective than any on-premise solution. With 150 data centres across the world, this cloud-based service makes back-ups the moment any files are saved locally. Such an approach provides businesses with may advantages including :

  • IT staff freed from low-level maintenance and backups
  • Improved visibility of what is backed up and when
  • Reduced capital costs

This service is an elegant solution to achieving a highly reliable, scalable and secure data backup facility and an example of the way in which Cloud Computing offers business solutions to organisations that enable them to achieve world class infrastructure without the associated world-class costs. As a result key staff can be freed to concentrate on more strategic initiatives rather than routine maintenance. With Cloud Computing offering so many different types of solutions, you may be interested in how it can help your business. If so I would urge you to consider attending one of Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing Courses.

Chris Czarnecki

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