Amazon AWS New Storage Features

The rate at which Amazon has been adding to and improving its cloud computing services is impressive. If we just consider some of the announcements made to the storage services in June 2010. Firstly consider the Relational Database Service (RDS). This is now available in all AWS regions.The RDS can now be managed from the AWS management console, allowing MySQL instances to be launched, take real-time snapshots of instances and monitor key database statistics. A superb feature now available is the ability to create a MySQL instance that is synchronously replicated across availability zones to provide enhanced data protection and availability due to both planned and un-planned outages.

Another new feature is the Amazon S3 management console. This enables the management of S3 resources from a simple console with tasks such as bucket creation and data object upload available from the console. Offsite backup and disaster recovery planning have also been enhanced with the addition of the Amazon Import/Export feature. Data can easily be imported and exported from/to portable storage devices into S3 storage.

Another new storage related feature is the Reduced Redundancy Storage(RRS) facility just announced. RRS allows customers to store their non-critical data at lower levels of redundancy and therefore at a lower cost to S3 storage. Both S3 and RRS store data in multiple facilities and on multiple devices. S3 is designed to provide 99.999999999% durability. RRS is designed to provide 99.99% durability and both are backed by Amazon’s S3 service level agreement.

There have been other enhancements to services such as CloudFront and MapReduce too and all this month. It is this continuous rapid development and enhancement of the AWS services that is convincing more and more organisations to move to using EC2. The rapid growth in the AWS business has lead to recent predictions that within 5 years, the Amazon AWS business will be larger than its e-commerce business. Such a rapid growth provides concrete evidence that cloud computing is not just the current computing buzzword but is a serious technology being rapidly adopted by a large number of organisations.

If you are interested in how Amazon AWS can be leveraged for your projects in a risk minimal manner, why not take a look at the following overview, or for a more detailed insight why not take the Learning Tree class – it will really fast track you into exploiting the benefits of the cloud.


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