Amazon AWS Releases Beanstalk for .NET

I have written about Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk for Java and more recently for PHP. This Platform as a Service (PaaS) is incredibly good and eliminates the need for much of the traditional administration required when running Web applications. For Java and PHP developers, as well as Ruby, Python and other languages, there is a wide […]
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Selecting a Private Cloud Vendor

When considering adopting Cloud Computing, I hear many organisations express a strong preference for private clouds. Sometimes this is a rational view based on strict business rules for example to meet regulatory and audit requirements. Often, the preference is an emotional judgement based on the fact that a public cloud appears to be ‘less secure’. […]
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Microsoft Publishes Cloud Security Assessment

The biggest inhibitor to Cloud Computing adoption is, without doubt, security. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has been working to alleviate these concerns–or at least bring transparency to the security procedures and processes of cloud providers. Their mission statement is stated as follows : “To promote the use of best practices for providing security assurance […]
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Amazon MarketPlace: The Future of Software

A few days ago I wrote about the UK Government’s CloudStore, a central service where cloud service providers can register and sell their software and services to UK government. I have also recently posted several blog entries about Amazon AWS. Today I find myself posting about Amazon again as they release another new service but […]
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Amazon CloudSearch: Simplifying Search

As the owner of a company that builds Web applications, I appreciate the need for having a good search facility built into the application. This is important for all the applications we build, but particularly for the e-commerce applications when failure to find relevant products to a search request can result in the significant loss […]
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