Big Data Does Not Have to Be Big Data

A term that is receiving a lot of attention in the Computing media at the moment is Big Data. This term can be misleading because it gives the impression of being related to extremely large data sets that traditional relational databases cannot scale to and data which is maybe unstructured as well. All the major […]
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Cloud Computing Is Nothing New… Are You Sure ?

I have been working with Cloud Computing for some time now in various roles: consultant, instructor, end user. A common comment I hear from clients is that they see Cloud Computing as nothing new, just as repackaged hosting services that have been around for many years. Lets consider Infrastructure as a Service as an example. […]
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CloudBursting: Handling Demand Caused by the Facebook IPO

Earlier this month, Facebook filed for their IPO with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This is an exciting time for what could be considered as the largest cloud computing platform available. To me what was interesting about the Facebook filing was the effect this had on the SEC Website. Most of the time […]
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Amazon Announces Trusted Advisor

When considering using cloud computing services, one of the major factors is the level of support that can be provided by the cloud vendor. In particular, when using Infrastructure as a Service, it is vital to ensure that cloud resources are not only appropriately secured but are also running at their most cost effective. Who […]
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Cloud Computing Increases Value of Tape Storage

Over the last few months in my consulting activities, I have seen a far more open minded approach to cloud computing emerging, with individuals and organisations certainly now more willing to consider or adopt cloud computing when only twelve months ago they would have had a long list of reasons (mostly misconceptions by the way) […]
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