Demystifying Private Cloud Computing

Last week I was on a consulting assignment for a client that is interested in cloud computing but concerned about the security of the cloud. A private cloud is something that could clearly benefit this organisation but then the question arose about how they would provision and deploy a solution and what would the skill […]
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Is Cloud Computing Too Costly for Small Business ?

An article posted today on headlined that the price of cloud computing is out of reach for small business. The author Gene Marks reported that he had been asked about cloud computing by more than thirty small business clients over the past six months but on analysis non had adopted cloud services based on […]
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Bank Chooses to Use Google Cloud Services

This week Google has announced what could be considered as a breakthrough agreement for its cloud computing services. Spanish bank BBVA has signed an agreement to use Google cloud services internally for its 110,000 staff. This is the biggest single company deal Google has signed. The deal can be considered as a breakthrough because of […]
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Cloud Confusion Reigns !

I have just opened this months version of a computing magazine I subscribe to and was faced with a two page advert that had the headline “Flocking to the Cloud ?”. The advert, by a respected UK hosting provider was offering a free report whose title I have used for this post. The advert started […]
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Consumer Clouds: Acer Announce AcerCloud

Cloud Computing has been making headlines in the business computing world for some time now. As the technology matures it is interesting to see it now being built into consumer products and used in their associated marketing campaigns too. Last year Apple announced iCloud and Microsoft announced the cloud integration with Windows 8 as two […]
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