Project Sustainability – Part 4: Where to Go from Here

My last couple blogs have focused on the topic of sustainability. I am currently working with a group of consultants to develop international standards for incorporating sustainability into “how” we manage projects. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is starting to promote ideas and discussions along these lines as well. If you’re interested in following what […]
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Project Sustainability – Part 3: Planning and Execution

I would like to continue my blog on communication management and sustainability within the project life cycle. In my last two blogs I started this conversation on sustainability within projects. I’ve already discussed the initial communication planning and the typical kick-off meeting. Now, let’s look at the planning and execution phases of the project. On […]
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Project Sustainability – Part 2: Communication Planning Continued

In my last blog I introduced the topic of sustainability and project management. I discussed how to incorporate sustainability processes into the life cycle of a project. My first area of discussion was communication planning. To continue the discussion, I would like to add a few more layers to communication planning. Typically we’ll map out […]
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Project Sustainability – Part 1: Communication Planning

A Call for Feedback! This is a call for feedback from project managers around the world. I’m working on a sustainability project. Some of our focus is on things like reducing waste and reducing the quantity of resources used, among other concerns. What I would like to know from our international audience of project managers […]
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EVM in the Real World – Part III

In my last blog I discussed challenges to using earned value management tools to track progress on projects. In particular, I suggested that some of the challenges are posed by things like the complexity and/or type of work required. The complexity and/or type of work will have a direct impact on the level of difficulty […]
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