Tablet Keyboards: Pros and Cons

In a previous entry, I talked about my attempt to survive through a working week without a laptop. There is so much to say that I’ve decided to return to the topic and look at one of the biggest issues I encountered, the keyboard. The biggest problem I encountered when trying to replace my laptop […]
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Can a Tablet Replace a Laptop?

The challenge: try to survive for an entire week using an Android tablet instead of a laptop. Working both as a consultant and instructor inevitably requires spending a great deal of time away from the home office. Lugging a laptop has become habitual: I even take the thing on holiday with me! As a significant […]
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Testing Android Applications on Multiple Platforms

There are times when I actually envy iPhone developers! With a very limited number of version / screen size combinations, testing is relatively straightforward. The very same thing that has made the Android platform so successful: near endless variety of hardware makes testing a serious challenge. In an ideal world we would test Android apps […]
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What Exactly Is an Ice Cream Sandwich?

To my great shock, a colleague recently asked, “What is an Ice Cream Sandwich?”. That’s when I realised that this is a topic worth addressing. For those that don’t know: Android versions are named after desserts. In the last year or so we’ve had Froyo (frozen yoghurt), Gingerbread, Honeycomb, and now Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). […]
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