Customized Cloud Computing Training

With the rapid growth in Cloud Computing, Learning Tree provides a growing number of Cloud Computing courses designed to equip attendees with the skills required to gain the maximum benefit for their organisations from Cloud Computing. Current courses offered include :

A new four day course on Amazon Web Services is under development. All of these provide a good coverage of the current state of the art in Cloud Computing. One of the things that is less advertised about Learning Tree courses is that they can be customised for onsite delivery to match your specific training requirements. Recently, both in the US and Europe a number of custom Cloud Computing courses have been delivered by Learning Tree, including a five-day course covering Cloud Computing and security, and a two-day cloud technology bootcamp. Both of these courses used sections from the standard brochure advertised courses but also had custom sections developed to meet the customers’ specific requirements. By running a course onsite–whether standard or customised–an organisation potentially gains a number of additional benefits over the public training courses including

  • Onsite consultant for the course duration
  • All course questions are specific to your organisation
  • Course material can be customised to cover exactly what you require in a time period that fits your project schedule
  • Examples can be related to your organisation

With Cloud Computing being such a wide ranging subject, with products from so many vendors available, it may be that the Learning Tree brochure advertised courses may not exactly match your training requirements. If that is the case, a customised onsite course may be the perfect solution for you. If one of the courses is a perfect match and you have a team to train, a private onsite delivery may be an appropriate solution for you too. If you have a Cloud Computing training requirement, contact Learning Tree to discuss your requirement and see which solution can best meet your needs.

Chris Czarnecki

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