Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services

Wow, time flys!

As we reach the end of September we look forward to the launch of the newest addition to Learning Tree’s cloud computing curriculum. Course 1205, Cloud Computing with Amazon Web ServicesTM: Hands-On is slated for our first public run in December and we are on target! This course picks up where our introductory course 1200 left off.

We assume a basic knowledge of cloud computing. This allows us to spend four full days exploring the various components of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in depth. We begin with an overview of the AWS architecture and then call out the main services to be discussed in detail. The services we cover include EC2, EBS, S3, SimpleDB, RDS, CloudWatch, CloudFront, SQS, VPC, Beanstalk, CloudFormation and SNS. In addition to the technical we also consider business and financial implications.

As this is a hands-on course we have exercises which guide the student through configuring and using AWS services. In the exercises we use the management console, the command line tools and the API (although this is not a programming course). It should be stressed, though, that in order to truly exploit the full power of AWS you need to move beyond the management console. Attendees should be familiar with using a command line interface.

We start by provisioning various compute and storage resources. The course also includes the creation of custom images as a way to adapt to business needs. Monitoring and scaling are employed as a means to track and respond to dynamic load requirements. Finally, as might be expected in a cloud course, we discuss AWS features that allow us to work securely in the cloud.

We’re pretty excited about the release of this course! We hope you are too. Check it out on our website and come join us!

Kevin Kell

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