Holding a PRINCE2® Quality Review Meeting

Since we are on the subject of PRINCE2 and quality, it seems like a good time to mention the PRINCE2 quality review technique.  It works GREAT, and I recommend that you try it on for size the next time you have a major project deliverable that needs a group review and blessing.

The PRINCE2 quality review technique is used to assess a product against set quality criteria, and works well for a document walkthrough or analysis of test results.   The quality review technique confirms that the product is complete, ready for approval and that it can be baselined and placed under change control. Remember that there are many other methods used for quality checking for a product, and that this technique is not the only available inspection approach.

There are four quality review team roles used by this technique.  The Chair is responsible for conducting the review.  This role is often filled by the Project Manager or a Team Manager.  The Presenter represents the producer of the product being reviewed, and is responsible for introducing the product that is being reviewed and coordinating any subsequent work resulting from the review itself.   The Reviewers review the product ahead of time and submit their questions and comments.  They are also responsible for confirming corrections or improvements made as a result of the review.  Finally, the Administrator provides administrative support to the Chair by recording the review results and actions assigned during the meeting.

A PRINCE2 quality review consists of three steps: review preparation, conducting the review meeting and any associated review follow-up activities.  Here’s your script for trying this technique on for size for your project!

Step 1: Prepare for Quality Review  

The following activities are performed in preparation for a quality review meeting on a PRINCE2 project:

  1. Make administrative arrangements for the review (Chair or Administrator)
  2. Check that the product is ready for review and confirm reviewer availability (Chair)
  3. Distribute product copies to reviewers along with the Product Descriptions (Presenter)
  4. Review the product relative to its quality criteria (Reviewer)
  5. Submit question list to chair and presenter prior to review (Reviewers)
  6. Annotate product copy for copy edit errors and return to presenter (Reviewers)
  7. Produce consolidated question list for the review meeting and send to presenter (Chair)

Step 2: Conduct the Quality Review  

The following activities are performed when conducting quality review meeting on a PRINCE2 project:

  1. Introduce attendees and the product being reviewed (Chair)
  2. Invite reviewers to contribute major questions about the product (Chair)
  3. Agree actions on each question as it is raised (Review Team)
  4. Record the actions and responsibilities (Administrator)
  5. Lead review team through the product and review the consolidated question list  (Presenter)
  6. Agree actions on each question as it is raised (Review Team)
  7. Record the actions and responsibilities (Administrator)
  8. Read back and confirm actions (Administrator)
  9. Determine review results, deciding if the product is complete, conditionally complete or incomplete (Chair)
  10. Close the review and inform interested parties of the results (Chair)

Step 3: Perform Quality Review Follow-Up

The following activities are performed to follow up on action items after a quality review meeting has been completed for a PRINCE2 project:

  1. Coordinate and track the actions (Presenter)
  2. Sign off on actions as they are completed (Reviewers)
  3. Sign off on product completion after all actions are complete (Chair)
  4. Communicate quality review outcome and store quality records (Administrator)
  5. Request formal approval for the product (Presenter)

So, give it a go and let me know what you think.  A good quality review of a key project deliverable is achievable using this PRINCE2 technique, try it and see!

Remember, a copy of the PRINCE2 method is required reference material in any project manager’s bookshelf!  The method is documented in the OGC publication Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2”which is officially published by TSO.  Serious project managers seeking to enhance their knowledge, skills and professional credibility target should consider PRINCE2 certification.  Learning Tree offers two excellent certification courses for folks interested in becoming a Certified Practitioner of PRINCE2 or simply starting with the Foundation Certification.

Susan Weese

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