How Business Analysts Assess and Validate Solutions

In an earlier post, we introduced the Solution Assessment and Validation knowledge area from the BABOK Guide.  Now let’s take a closer look at the six tasks performed by the business analyst in this knowledge area. They are:

  • Assessing the proposed solution
  • Allocating requirements
  • Assessing organizational readiness
  • Defining transition requirements
  • Validating the solution
  • Evaluating solution performance

These tasks focus on making sure that you select the best solution to meet your project’s business need and that you define, design and implement that solution well.  Your ultimate goal is to deploy the right solution that meets the business need and adds value to the business. You know your business environment and can assess how each proposed solution would affect that environment. You must also ensure that your project stakeholders fully understand the prioritized and approved solution requirements. Any implementation decisions that are being made during Solution Assessment and Validation should align with those requirements.

The tasks in the Solution Assessment and Validation knowledge area begin early in the project life cycle as the solution to the business problem or need is proposed, evaluated and agreed upon. There are specific tasks in Solution Assessment and Validation that focus on the controlled end to your project. In addition to wrapping things up, you are also planning how you will transition the new solution into its operational life and getting ready to measure the business benefits of the solution after it is out there being used. Typically, defining the transition requirements on your projects takes place in the controlled middle or early on in the controlled end of the project life cycle as part of the project’s requirements development or definition phase.

Susan Weese

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