Increase ROI on Each Training Dollar Spent with Learning Tree’s ACCELERATION WORKSHOPS™

Let’s focus on the Activation Training level in our blended learning model, which helps learners on their actual projects and processes with pragmatic support to improve cost, schedule, performance, or customer satisfaction.




There is an approach that has proven to be highly effective in driving sustained and positive process changes that your workforce can embrace. The use of Acceleration Workshops combines the best of consulting and training to drive improved outcomes.

The basic concept is that an instructor, who is also a true subject matter expert, works with a combination of staff on a unique training and implementation event — employees learn concepts, and then immediately apply those concepts to real-world needs of the organization while the instructor provides guidance and leadership. The output of Acceleration Workshops is deliverables that can be used by the organization in supporting the process implementation.

In the area of program and project management, Acceleration Workshops may address areas including but not limited to:

  • Program Goal Statement
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Program Requirements
  • Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)
  • Acquisition Package
  • Risk Plan
  • Stakeholder Management Plan
  • Other critical management disciplines.

In the area of cyber security, Acceleration Workshops may address areas as diverse as:

  • Leveraging the National Cyber Security Workforce Framework (NCWF) to identify the optimal cyber security organizational structure and position descriptions
  • Improving threat identification and analysis in the organization’s Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Establishing a cyber security forensics process for the organization
  • Refining the organization’s cyber security testing and certification approach
  • Establishing an organization risk management approach based on the NIST cyber security framework.


  • Achieve rapid and successful completion of projects
  • Acceleration in the delivery of business initiatives, technology deployments and customer-facing programs
  • Development of actual project artifacts
  • On-the-job coaching of the required competencies to deliver improved performance
  • Improved line-of-sight across project portfolio for senior stakeholders

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