ITIL Practitioner: The future of ITIL


Over recent years, organizations have made numerous investments in ITIL® training but a common theme has arisen; staff are becoming certified, but are still struggling with adopting and adapting to the ITIL framework.

Some have almost lost faith in the framework and even the benefits of training staff on the best practice. With the introduction of this qualification, organizations can see the potential of maximizing the return on investments that have been made in having staff gain previous ITIL certifications and a path to train and validate knowledge of practical ITIL application.

The ITIL Practitioner will be a perfect addition to any staff who has taken any of the ITIL qualifications and it aims to bring to life, through activity based accredited learning, the principles that have been learned regardless of the ITIL certification that is being discussed.

For example, I was recently involved in working with a client to identify issues, they were experiencing in service management. The client constantly mentioned that many people were training, a lot of investment has been made and ITIL was not serving value. However, after asking further questions it transpired that a culture had been created, where the expectation of someone attending an ITIL Foundation or Intermediate course became an expert overnight, which, obviously isn’t the case.

Now that we have the ITIL Practitioner, the future of ITIL looks much brighter. Finally, we have a qualification that can impart subject matter expertise on the practical implementation. Students can actually leave with not just the material, but Guidance on how to start battling away in the journey of adopting and adapting to ITIL best practice.

I expect many questions regarding the limited return on investment on ITIL training to disappear with the release of this qualification. With the ability to take this qualification after the ITIL Foundation, it will be seen as the perfect addition to any student regardless of how short or long their ITIL certification journey will be.

Check out Learning Tree’s course 1198, for more insight on Achieving ITIL® Practitioner Certification.

Hitesh Patel

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