Learn About Cloud Computing Using Cloud Computing

The fact that Cloud Computing is important and impacts business is no longer an ‘if’ question. It is definitely now a ‘how’ question. How can Cloud Computing be best used by my organization to bring significant business and technical benefits? This is not an easy questions for many reasons including:

  • Cloud Computing is many different things
  • May require new staff skills
  • Organisation has a large working infrastructure that is paid for or under long term contract
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Security concerns
  • Vendor lock-in

For business and technology professionals that have the type of concerns listed above, and really want to know what Cloud Computing is, Learning Tree has developed a focused half day course that provides answers to these questions. The course itself is described in detail here and is delivered using Cloud Computing technology which enables attendance remotely using a system known as AnyWare.

With the AnyWare system, you can attend the class from your office, home or wherever you have Internet connectivity. The course provides the details you need to understand this technology and how it can impact your business. It also has a number of live demonstrations of different Cloud Computing technologies and services including from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, Salesforce.com and others so you can see first hand what is available. In addition, attendees have the ability to ask the instructor any related questions, which can be general or specific to their organisation. This also has the benefit in that you will hear the views and concerns of other organisations too. Learning Tree’s instructors are all practicing consultants, so you can be confident the course will be delivered by an expert working at the cutting edge of Cloud Computing.

If you are interested in attending, take a look at the upcoming schedule. You can enrol online or call sales on 1-888-843-8733. I am confident you will find the course of real benefit.


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