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The popular blogger and writer Cathy Reisenwitz had a blog post recently listing some Groups to Follow for Tech, Science and Telecommunications Policy. This reminded me of my post some time ago about Keeping Current. She listed some great sites including the EFF and CDT. Her post got me thinking about cyber security resources and the need for keeping current.

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As I noted in that earlier post, Crypto-Gram is still a newsletter I read as soon as it arrives.

Another resource I find very useful is the CERIAS (The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security) website. CERIAS is part of Purdue University, home of the first graduate program in Information Security in the US. The Executive Director is Eugene Spafford (“spaf”). If you are not familiar with “spaf” check out his bio. He is @TheRealSpaf on Twitter and his blog and other resources are listed in the links above.

Another good resource is the website of Bob Cromwell, a fellow author of this blog and the @ToiletGuru of Twitter and the Internet. He has some great cyber security photos and information on his site. Of course his posts here are a valuable resource, too! has a list of Top 100+ Cyber Security Blogs & Infosec Resources. I have mentioned some of them already, and there are many I need to explore myself. has a list of 7 Essential Resource Centers, many of which are mentioned here or in the System and Network Security Introduction course.

For a humorous and sometimes irreverent look at cyber security (and other aspects of life) you might want to read the tweets of @SwiftOnSecurity.

Back on a serious note, in Learning Tree’s System and Network Security Introduction we about the need for continuing one’s education in cyber security. We list more resources there, too. It is essential that everyone involved in cyber security — from managers to security practitioners to users — keep up with the rapidly-changing infosec landscape. I know the list of sites I’ve presented here can be pretty overwhelming. I sometimes want to throw up my hands at the sheer volume of information, and I haven’t mentioned books, certifications, or society publications. My goal in sharing these is not to overwhelm you, though, but rather to give you a set of resources to a) help with overall understanding of the field, and b) help you find details about specifics as you need them. I often find that’s one of the best ways to learn.

Please contribute to this list. Share your additions in the comments below.


To your safe computing,
John McDermott

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