Worker Role Communication in Windows Azure, Part 1

In an earlier post we talked about the “Asynchronous Web/Worker Role Pattern” in Windows Azure. In this pattern the web roles are “client facing” and expose an http endpoint. In Azure a web role is essentially a virtual machine running IIS while a worker role is a background process that is usually not visible to […]
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This Knitter’s Take on Project Management

Knitting a sweater and managing a project are pretty similar things.  You work hard to complete a finished product that meets the customer’s expectations.  You try really hard to manage those expectations along the way.  You make mistakes and you fix them.  You adjust the work as you go along based upon lessons learned to […]
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Amazon AWS New Storage Features

The rate at which Amazon has been adding to and improving its cloud computing services is impressive. If we just consider some of the announcements made to the storage services in June 2010. Firstly consider the Relational Database Service (RDS). This is now available in all AWS regions.The RDS can now be managed from the […]
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Visual Studio 2010 – The Tools Keep Getting Better!

Whatever one says about Microsoft, you have to acknowledge that they do build good tools. The developer has always been at the heart of Microsoft’s business strategy and Microsoft has always delivered well thought out development tools. Specifically, for the Azure developer, the latest release of the Azure Toolkit for Visual Studio offers some nice […]
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Fast Track Cloud Computing Training

I am pleased to announce that the materials for Learning Tree International’s new Cloud computing course are now complete and ready to run. This course has been challenging, yet highly enjoyable to develop. Titled Cloud Computing Overview: Evaluating the Opportunities, the course is one half a day in duration and is aimed at providing attendees […]
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