How do tshark, ngrep, and tcpdump Differ and When to Use Them

What happens on a network has always been an interest of mine. In graduate school in the 1980s, I worked on networking software. Later I used software protocol analyzers such as netwatch (later the commercial LANWatch) to dissect packets. A few years ago I contributed to what is now the Wireshark protocol analyzer. Lanwatch uses […]
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Text analytics: Words, Numbers, and Vectors

Humans understand words; machines work with numbers. In the world of text analytics, we must somehow convert our human words into numbers a computer can understand. Of course, it is not enough to assign each word some sort of key value. One number cannot encompass the meaning and application of a word any more than […]
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Implementing Deep Learning Concepts Through Neural Networks

The objective of Deep Learning is to imitate the human thinking process. It is based on the assumption that a class of mathematical algorithms can enable machines to extract and “deeply” learn the patterns of a given set of data. “Deeply” here refers to details picked up by the algorithms from the data with few […]
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2021 CMMC AB Town Hall: A Recap

This blog in our CMMC series provides a recap of the August 2021 CMMC AB Town Hall. As we move closer to the availability of the CCP training, it’s important to stay on top of new developments as what has been in the works for quite a long time is coming to fruition. Exciting times! […]
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The CMMC Roles: CCP (Certified CMMC Professional)

The previous blog discussed the major role – the RP. The RP is primarily a consultant. The RP is not allowed to be involved in the assessment. The next major role is the Certified CMMC Professionals (CCP). There is some information published on this role. In last month’s CMMC Townhall, the Board announced that the […]
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