What Happens When Your Cloud Server Gets Hacked?

Kevin Kell, another Learning Tree instructor, wrote a nice report about what happened when a Bitnami instance he was running in Amazon’s EC2 cloud for Learning Tree’s Amazon Web Services course. Read Kevin’s report for some details, or a page on my site for even more, but here is the short version: Several cloud servers […]
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Amazon is the New Coal Tar, and I Mean That in a Good Way

Ages ago, before the documentary channels on satellite and cable degenerated into today’s freak shows of bounty hunters, “reality” Prima Donnas, conspiracies and the paranormal, they carried programming that could actually teach you something. Shows like the multiple incarnations of Connections contained solid history and the science behind the developments being discussed. One thing I […]
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We’re All Guinea Pigs in the Cloud Computing Experiment

Last week I discussed the June 2012 derecho and Amazon’s response. As I said then, there may be something bigger to worry about. Yes, some resources in one of the four Availability Zones in the US-East-1 region were down. But the storm was enormously powerful. 911 service was down. Seriously, how many of you in […]
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The Derecho Battered Amazon

I must confess that I had to look up just what a derecho is, but everyone in Virginia in late June experienced a big one. Amazon has a nice summary of the June event. An insurance adjuster would shrug and say “Act of God, nothing we can do”, but Amazon provides a great deal of […]
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Implementing a Private Cloud Solution

Last week I attended Learning Tree’s “Implementing a Private Cloud Solution” course at our Reston Education Center. It is a great course for anyone seeking in-depth technical details on how to build their own on-premises private cloud. The course also covers using a hosted private cloud solution and building secure connections to your own data […]
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