Clouds of a Different Sort: Into the Teeth of the Storm

I am writing this the day before traveling “into the teeth of the storm” as they say. This should be interesting because the dreaded “Frankenstorm” is bearing down on the U.S. East Coast just as I need to travel there to teach a sequence of courses for Learning Tree, their Linux Server Administration and Support […]
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Cloud Computing in Canada

As I return from my vacation and prepare for my upcoming class in Ottawa I have been thinking about the current state of affairs regarding cloud computing in Canada. I love cloud computing and I love Canada. It is only natural that these two things should find their way into a blog post! Firstly, none […]
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Amazon Extends Services for Microsoft Technologies

As someone who works primarily with Microsoft technologies I was delighted to see the Amazon announcement yesterday that they are going to offer two additional options for developers. First, Amazon RDS is now going to include SQL Server in addition to MySQL and Oracle databases. SQL Server is available in a variety of versions on […]
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Amazon DynamoDB Ups the Ante for NoSQL Database Service

This past week I watched with great interest as Amazon CTO Werner Vogels announced the launch of Amazon’s DynamoDB service. I feel that rather than trying to say something pithy I will just recommend that you check it out for yourselves. DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service that is, in my opinion, head and shoulders […]
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Importing Custom Images into Amazon EC2

A current project I am working on has a requirement that custom machine images be built and maintained such that they are usable both from within Amazon EC2 and on virtual machines hosted outside of EC2. These images are all based on the Windows operating system. Since we want to build each machine image only […]
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