How To Add Virus Scanning to Linux

Isn’t Linux virus-free? By the classic meaning of “virus”, yes. But there is malware for Linux. But Shouldn’t We Worry? What about the more traditional sense of “virus” we worry about on Windows operating systems? What about the risk posed by hostile data hitting user platforms through e-mail, web, and removable media? To the extent […]
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Two Lessons Learned From a Personal Malware Story

In Learning Tree’s System and Network Security Introduction, we say “never trust software from anyone”. This literally hit home this week. My wife bought a new high-end laptop from a major vendor. There were some issues… When the laptop arrived, it had a copy of a well-known personal firewall/anti-virus product. The license was limited and […]
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More On The Minority Report

Recently I commented on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Minority Committee of the US Senate’s report about the security of government agencies. (You can get a PDF copy here.) The earlier post was about the use of default passwords at government agencies. There are some other troubling items in the report and I wanted […]
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