Business Analysis Technique: Document Analysis

According to the BABOK® Guide, performing document analysis is one of the 16 required techniques in the fundamental knowledge base of an effective business analyst.   Wow, document analysis.  It sounds so … well… simple. Why would this technique be a required competency for a business analyst?  Let’s have a look.   Document analysis allows the […]
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Negotiating Changing and Conflicting Requirements

I have found that negotiation skills are essential in developing and managing requirements and changes to those requirements. Changing and conflicting project requirements of all types seem to need some negotiating relative to their business context, the user’s needs, the existing situation, and any number of constraints or limits.   The business analysis team should have […]
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Defining Project, Product and Solution Scope

Defining product and project scope is an important framework for detailed requirements development. In order to define the scope of the project’s end result (the product or solution) and the project’s implementation needs (the project itself), it is critical to understand the difference between product and project scope and which one should be addressed first […]
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Business Analysts, Which Side of the Fence are You From?

One size does not fit all when it comes to the role of the business analyst!  Two important facts when it comes to performing business analysis work in an organization: (1) your job title does NOT always describe what you do and (2) job titles are like hats, and one person may wear many hats […]
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