Key Thieves Disturb the Peaceful Xen Garden

What is the sound of one VM hacking?  Quite the racket of interprocess interrupts! Virtualization is an absolute requirement for cloud computing. Researchers are now discovering new ways to subvert virtualization. This is big. Most operating systems tinkerers are familiar with so-called Type 2 or Hosted virtualization.  This is something like VMware Player (or Workstation […]
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Amazon is the New Coal Tar, and I Mean That in a Good Way

Ages ago, before the documentary channels on satellite and cable degenerated into today’s freak shows of bounty hunters, “reality” Prima Donnas, conspiracies and the paranormal, they carried programming that could actually teach you something. Shows like the multiple incarnations of Connections contained solid history and the science behind the developments being discussed. One thing I […]
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Clouds of a Different Sort: Into the Teeth of the Storm

I am writing this the day before traveling “into the teeth of the storm” as they say. This should be interesting because the dreaded “Frankenstorm” is bearing down on the U.S. East Coast just as I need to travel there to teach a sequence of courses for Learning Tree, their Linux Server Administration and Support […]
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Cloud Computing in Canada

As I return from my vacation and prepare for my upcoming class in Ottawa I have been thinking about the current state of affairs regarding cloud computing in Canada. I love cloud computing and I love Canada. It is only natural that these two things should find their way into a blog post! Firstly, none […]
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Expanded Limits for iCloud Storage

Apple recently announced that the limits on iCloud key value storage have been increased to 1MB from 64KB. These limits are per application and per individual value, with a limit of 1024 individual values. Key value storage is one of two methods that developers can use to store iOS data in iCloud, the other being […]
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