We’re All Guinea Pigs in the Cloud Computing Experiment

Last week I discussed the June 2012 derecho and Amazon’s response. As I said then, there may be something bigger to worry about. Yes, some resources in one of the four Availability Zones in the US-East-1 region were down. But the storm was a disaster of Biblical proportions, as Dr. Peter Venkman put it. 911 […]
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The Derecho Battered Amazon

I must confess that I had to look up just what a derecho is, but everyone in Virginia in late June experienced a big one. Amazon has a nice summary of the June event. An insurance adjuster would shrug and say “Act of God, nothing we can do”, but Amazon provides a great deal of […]
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Cyber Attacks Have Been Monetized

Very impressive attacks are first discussed as theoretical possibilities. “If an attacker had these enormous resources …” and so on. Then researchers give presentations at conferences showing how the theoretical might be less impractical than we expected. That is followed by a proof of concept demonstration, and then we have attacks occurring in the wild. […]
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Voltage Fluctuations, Heat, and Other Side-Channel Attacks

A presentation at the recent Black Hat meeting discussed a side-channel attack on web servers. Variations in supply voltage and CPU temperature can cause errors which leak information about the server’s RSA secret key. Full details are in their paper “Fault-Based Attack of RSA Authentication.” This is another case where cloud provider infrastructure could provide […]
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This Hash Result Startled Me!

Even when you work with this technology, sometimes you are really surprised to find that things don’t work at all as you might expect. Hash functions are one-way operations. It is easy to calculate the hash of even a large piece of data. But it should be impractically difficult to find an input that generates […]
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