SQL Server 2014 New Features: How to Create and Test a Clustered Columnstore Index

How to Create a Clustered Columnstore Index In my last post we looked at what are clustered columnstore indexes, their benefits and how they have changed in SQL Server 2014. Now, let’s learn how to create one.  Since we would like to make some performance measurements on a clustered columnstore index, we will use a sample […]
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SQL Server 2014 New Features: Fundamentals of Clustered Columnstore Indexes

SQL Server Columnstore Indexes Columnstore indexes were introduced into SQL Server in 2012, but in a sense the columnstore index is older than that, since the fundamental structure was first used for the tabular storage model of Power Pivot (and then used in the Analysis Services tabular model). In SQL Server 2012, however, columnstore indexes were […]
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