Medical Devices Still Aren’t Secure

Four years ago I wrote about the need to secure medical devices from potential attackers. The problem is still there and the potential for harm is just as great or greater. In October of this year (2018) the US Food And Drug Administration(FDA)’s Office of the Inspector General delivered a report entitled, THE FOOD AND […]
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Is Cyber Security a Priority for our Critical Infrastructure?

In a recent study, two-thirds of the citizens of a large city reported being mugged, but only a quarter said that stopping muggings was a top priority. OK, not really, but close. SC Magazine reported a similar situation in an article by Daneille Walker on July 11 of this year. They reported on a study […]
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Lew Gets It Right

This post might seem a bit US-centric, but the issues are really not specific to the US, they are global issues. The Hill ( reported this week on a speech by the US Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew. According to that article and other sources, Lew made three excellent points worth repeating here. One […]
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