Essential Skills for the Cyber Security Professional

What skills make a good a cyber security professional? The Frost and Sullivan (ISC)² Global Information Security Workforce Study 2015 addresses this issue. The top four are: Broad understanding of the computer security field Communication skills Awareness and understanding of the latest security threats Technical knowledge The report lists a total of 12 skills or […]
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Are Data Breaches Inevitable?

It seems as though every week here in North America the news outlets report on another hack attack or data breach. (The unreported ones are a topic for a different time.) From OPM and other government agencies to Sony and now Ashley Madison, it is becoming clear that Internet defenses just aren’t as strong as […]
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Cyber Security: Key Elements for Success – Author Talks About the New 1-day Express Bootcamp Course

I spoke with Adrian Bryan recently author of Course 4520: “Cyber Security: Key Elements for Success.” One of Learning Tree’s new Express Bootcamps. I’m the technical editor of the new course set to debut January 29th, 2015. Adrian gave me some information about the course to share with you.   Q) What is this course […]
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Should I Worry About All These Cyber Security Threats?

If you read the computer industry news regularly, you probably have noticed an uptick in the number of cyber security stories recently. There’s BadUSB, shellshock, attacks on JP Morgan and others… It’s pretty scary, right? Well, while there are major threats, and those threats need to be addressed, there are three things to consider: first […]
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It Is Time to Stop Using Short Security Keys

Why Key Lengths Are Important The length of a key used in a signing or encryption algorithm relates to the difficulty of breaking or cracking the encryption. Consider this: if a key had only four bits, there would be only sixteen possible ways a message could be encrypted. With sixteen bits there would be 65,535 […]
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